We develop solutions by merging science with practical knowledge of the energy, environmental and aerospace industries. We develop projects by forming partnerships, bringing partners from government, industry and academia together.

We are proud of our current and past partnerships with many Canadian and international organizations. We value our partnerships with universities, and we are currently working with multiple university partners on different projects.

We constantly build intellectual property by investing in Research & Development. From our product and service offerings to our management style, innovation is at the center of our activities.


[tab title=Clients]

We had the pleasure of serving the following clients:

  • Canadian Space Agency
  • Environment Canada
  • European Space Agency
  • MDA
  • COM DEV Ltd.
  • Penguin Automated Systems Inc.
  • NGC Aerospace

[tab title=Projects]

Our project portfolio includes:

  • Exploration Core Data Analysis
    Client: Canadian Space Agency
    Summary: Reference database for future technology developments (state-of-the-art review)
  • Hyperspectral And Luminescence Observer (HALO) Phase 0 study
    Client: Canadian Space Agency
    Summary: Technical and economic feasibility study for Canadian space science instruments
  • Knowledge Capitalization in a Concurrent Engineering Environment
    Client: European Space Agency
    Summary: Knowledge management software tool for concurrent engineering
  • Socio-economic Benefits of Lunar Surface Transport Scenarios
    Client: Canadian Space Agency
    Summary: Socio-economic impact of Canadian investments in mobility and mining system for future moon missions
  • Economic Benefits from Environmental Predictions for the Energy Sector
    Client: Environment Canada
    Summary: Determining the economic benefit of environmental forecasts for the Canadian energy sector

[tab title=R&D]

We had the pleasure of conducting joint R&D projects with the following universities:

  • University of Western Ontario
  • University of British Columbia


[tab title=Non-profit]

We had the privilege of supporting:


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