Technology Planning and Project Management Services

Space technologies have a great potential for addressing some of the major problems we face on Earth. We develop innovative products and services with a single objective in mind: exploring space while creating tangible socio-economic benefits. Through our involvement in space exploration and earth observation, we strive to develop capabilities which help our clients make effective and timely decisions.

Over the years, we have participated in concept studies, economic benefit assessment studies, Phase 0 studies and prototyping activities. We gained valuable experience leading space projects as a prime contractor. As a sub-contractor, we had the pleasure of working with many industry and university partners, and always delivered on-time, meeting all project requirements.

Our Services


Business is being transformed by a deluge of data. We help our clients make sense of their markets using quantitative analysis tools.

    Statistical analysis
    Numerical simulation
    Business model evaluation
    Commercialization studies
    Risk analysis
    Feasibility studies

Software Development

Our hands-on expertise in scientific computing, large volume data management and end-to-end data processing enable us to complete complex projects

    Scientific computing
    Web development for data intensive applications
    Satellite image processing

Project management

Managing space projects is complicated business. The unforgiving space environment demands the best in project management. Our specific services in this field include:

    Project management support (proposal development, costing, resource allocation, scheduling)
    Commercialization studies
    Technology development plans
    Risk analysis and risk management plans
    Socio-economic benefit analysis
    Multidisciplinary feasibility analysis


We develop solutions by merging science with practical knowledge of the energy, environmental and aerospace industries. We develop projects by forming partnerships, bringing partners from government, industry and academia together.

We had the pleasure of serving the following clients:

  • Canadian Space Agency
  • Environment Canada
  • European Space Agency
  • MDA
  • COM DEV Ltd.
  • Penguin Automated Systems Inc.
  • NGC Aerospace

Project Portfolio

We are proud of our current and past partnerships with many Canadian and international organizations. We value our partnerships with universities, and we are currently working with multiple university partners on different projects.

  • Exploration Core Data Analysis
    Client: Canadian Space Agency
    Summary: Reference database for future technology developments (state-of-the-art review)
  • Hyperspectral And Luminescence Observer (HALO) Phase 0 study
    Client: Canadian Space Agency
    Summary: Technical and economic feasibility study for Canadian space science instruments
  • Knowledge Capitalization in a Concurrent Engineering Environment
    Client: European Space Agency
    Summary: Knowledge management software tool for concurrent engineering
  • Socio-economic Benefits of Lunar Surface Transport Scenarios
    Client: Canadian Space Agency
    Summary: Socio-economic impact of Canadian investments in mobility and mining system for future moon missions
  • Economic Benefits from Environmental Predictions for the Energy Sector
    Client: Environment Canada
    Summary: Determining the economic benefit of environmental forecasts for the Canadian energy sector

Research and Development

Our R&D efforts focus on creating new products addressing the needs of our clients in different economic sectors. Our goal is to develop powerful and practical analytical products which can be used in our target markets. These products help our clients make better strategic and operational decisions.

We had the pleasure of conducting joint R&D projects with the following universities:

  • University of Western Ontario
  • University of British Columbia
  • Université de Montréal